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In the morning, a singing, I was awakened from the dream. Gentle massage of sleep deprived, arose on the bed, the aftertaste is just passing carefully dreams...

A row of red clay in front of the classroom is a row of neatly bike. Large and small, The new and the old, Round and round in put on. Just spit stuck appered of new apple flowers blossoming into full. A string of small plait a little girl in the classroom nervous busy test... Have had several times that dream. In the dream of my Alma mater, often to MaLan middle school.

The memory Alma mater is very beautiful. Two broad YongLu cement is among many bright classroom. On the east YongLu planting full growth years \. The branches of refute the impressions left years. Every spring, these tall poplar is a bit pink green small leaves. They're like a baby just about every campus of children, In the summer, they broad leaf exuberent huddled together. The heat of the sun will block the leaves. Form a cool avenue. Often in twos and threes classmates sitting or standing, or pursuant to or in reading under the tree, the research topic, frolic. Here is my paradise. When the bell rang, I rushed out of the classroom, with some students grasp the rubber band of flying to the mall, TiaoPiJin barefoot. Tired, and ran into the pool under the tree, unscrew bibcock, let the water pouring from ten rooms kept.

On the west side of the YongLu pseudoacacia is grafting. Each flower, blossom into a DuLu DuLu a pagoda of the powdery purple. Clusters of blooming thorny branches pagoda will have very low pressure. Light floral often lead to move, "and" the bees buzzing sing and unknown number of little worm. Dance around the beautiful flowers. Sometimes, I and several naughty students use convenient bag chasing caught a bug, to frighten other classmates. See, they fear the troubled himself did grimace, happy laughter.

Each row behind the classroom is dropping the apple tree flourishing. In the spring, they closely with flowers on the branches. In the summer, autumn is hanging scoparone ripe to apple. Now this season, to the window, I always love push the door of wooden paint green. Looking out of the window MiMi branches in between those rowdy sparrows. Hidden in the summer at the packing leaves. Autumn catch of praying mantis. Remember that zhang wei's classmates, fat in the summer break, would shoes, barefoot lie on your back on the two desks in bed. I mentioned his smelly shoes, hang on the branch window platform. The barefoot, he listens to English teacher speak 2 class... Dribs and drabs, give nervous learning life a lot of bardic fun.

Memory has many moral quality Alma mater of teachers. At that time, I've looking forward to Friday's composition. Because every time almost, remained, * * * teacher always will I and several classmates composition as van in class, in interpretation. He is a meticulous, observe carefully, describe lifelike, wonderful!" Critics will I racially-tinged comments as roads and literary creation is one. Remember the chemistry teacher humorous, Remember the serious mathematics teacher, Remember the light speech light language teachers of English, We begin with experiment in the physics teacher. Education is in their hard, my classmates and ran to their jobs in Beijing foton: some auto company engineer, Some in jinan airlines as accounting supervisor, Some in Qingdao as a lawyer, some in yantai railway on... We like different flowers, opened in different places, their aroma.

Now the Alma mater certainly changed! No longer is the old memories I like... Thank Alma mater. Thanks to all the teacher. "Alma mater. Sincerely wish in the new curriculum reform Alma mater spring breeze, the optimization classroom instruction, cultivate more pillar of society! Beautiful campus, my home

Dear teachers, the judge: hello! I am student of 0202 from XXX. Today I had to lecture on the topic of "beautiful campus of my house. Everyone's heart has a "shangrila", as the song sung in that "it is my home, my heaven!" While this house is in my mind, jiangsu haimen experimental school. Whether the fog shrouded, or darkness, I always love to go everywhere campus, see, not for other, only to realize that peculiar vigor, just to enjoy flower allfresh flowers on the colorful full-dress, just to look at the stars of those close beside the romance and warmth. I love campus in flowers. But my favorite is permeated with a kind of campus spirit, which is struggling, fearless, strong and struggle. When we entered the passionate heart will be reminded of campus, premier zhou said that sentence: "for the rise of reading"! The nine words in mind brightened. As time passes, have become the most fashionable home language. The pairs of eyes tell people thirst for knowledge, there is no royal road to learning. Each letter, a formula of the night, like the phosphor, guide us to dig deep knowledge and wisdom of the treasure opens doors. Facts speak louder than words. A man sows, so he shall reap. We are reading all night, my dissertation, to win another one another, a diploma. It originates from the teachers and classmates of the persuasive voice than to learn drive to help. Astimegoesby unnoticeably, sun passed quickly, with YingGeYanWu, with trees and plants in this everywhere are so beautiful. We learned to endure, the strong. Our children from a young gradually grew to try to explore the life philosophy. This is the essence of growth, is the largest campus life to our wealth. The bright lights, station into skeletons, the shape of the attacks in the night, like the sacred gestates hopes the home tomorrow. Quiet and peaceful, sweet, comfortable. I want to say: "today, because of you we proud tomorrow you will proud because we love you! We this beautiful house, this beautiful shangri-la!"

















这台沙滩机高约20厘米,长约25厘米,宽约19厘米,机身是蓝色的。整体看上去,活像一个小娃娃的脑袋。看!它两边的扩音器圆圆的,像它的两只大眼睛。磁带盒是方形的,活像它的嘴巴。显示屏是长方形的,像鼻子。它的“脑门”上还有几个按键,上面刻着各种图形。三角是开始,洗带是圆的,前进和后退分别是两个标着左和右的键头,停止是方块,就像“小娃娃”的头发。你看,它多么可爱呀!可是有人不知道它到底是什么,其实呀,它就是一台普通的录音机,只不过它的顶部多了个盖子,像汽车前面的车盖 ,打开“车盖”,可以把CD盘放进去,再盖上“车盖”,美妙的音乐就从它的“眼睛”里传了出来。要是想听磁带的话,只需把磁带放进它的“嘴巴”,再按下标有三角图形的键,就会传出悦耳动听的声音。什么?这音乐的声音不够大? 那好吧,你就转一下“头”上的转盘吧,转盘很小,圆圆的,像发卡。别看它不起眼,声音的大小可全靠它控制。

这台镭射沙滩机不仅外型美观,方便实用,而且还尽职尽责地为我们全家服务。早上我准时大开录音听英语,每天坚持 到现在,所以英语成绩非常好,这台镭射沙滩机不仅是我学习的帮手,我还喜欢用它来听故事和音乐。爸爸用它来了解国家大事。妈妈则喜欢听评书和相声。我们每天都离不开它,它真可以说得上是我们家的大功臣呀!










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