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Hello , everyone ! My name is Ricky . I’m very happy to be here . Today I’ll tell you something about my dream .

Everyone has a dream . Different people has different dream . My dream is to be a scientist .

I want to invent many robots . These robots have many kinds of functions . I will invent a police robot . It can help people to catch thieves and direct the traffic on the roads . I will invent a maid robot . It can help people to do housework : cooking , mopping the floor , washing clothes and cleaning windows . It can do everything well . I’ll invent a machine cat . The cat has a white pocket . If you have this treasure , you will be unmatched in the world . When you meet a bad guy , you say to the pocket:“pocket , pocket , give me a weapon .” A powerful weapon will appear . When you are hungry . you say to the pocket :“pocket , pocket , give me some food .”The delicious food will appear in front of you .

This is my dream . I believe my dream will come true .

That’s all . Thanks for you lesionning !



Myfavoriteactorispauljackson.Hehasanewmovie, Myfatber,sBirtbday. It,saveryfunnycomedy.MikelikestheactorRicksmith.Hereallylikeshismovie,Blackseptember.It,saverysuccessfulthriller, butIthinkit,sboring.Oneinterestingthing:MikeisEnglish, buthelikesBeijingopera!Heoftengoestosee Beijingoperaonweekends.Mike,sfatherlikesit,too!第一次写英语作文帮忙加分!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@#$%^&



The Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG) has recently received the ISO14001 certificate, meaning that the environmental management system (EMS) set up by the BOCOG conforms to the ISO14001:1966 standards and requirements.

The certificate issued by China's national environmental authentication center on October 13 covers areas including BOCOG's office work, the event route planning, venue planning, partners selecting, contracted hotels selecting, communication and environmental management.

The BOCOG started establishing the EMS following BOCOG president Liu Qi's approval in April 2004. After experts' examination and appraisal of a trial practice of several months, the BOCOG passed the certification in September this year.

The system will be implemented from now on to ensure BOCOG's scientific management of the Olympiad's preparation and hosting.

As a theme of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Green Olympics means to prepare it in accordance with the principle of sustainable development, which calls for the protection of environment, conservation of resources and maintenance of ecological balance.

The city's environmental infrastructure will be enhanced and its ecological surrounding improved. Beijing will widely organize environmental communication and education activities to raise public awareness and leave rich environmental legacy to China and world sports.

BOCOG has compiled an EMS manual, assigned environmental management representatives, clarified responsibilities for BOCOG's different departments, held training courses, and confirmed some key environmental elements for all departments


Dear Zhou Ze Hong,

My name is Jake.Iam 12years old.I study in Li Ri school.My favourite day

is Thursday.We have computer class and we have potatoes and tofu for lunch

.Potatoes are my favourite food .Thursday is great day!My favourite teacher is Miss Ji.She is our math teacher.She is tall and thin.She's very

funny.Tell me about your school,please.

Your pen pal,






Along with the all super woman is total in the " super female voice" definitely the fascinating performance that pick out, pays attention to their person too more and more, is a Lee whose person's spirit is most prosperous particularly 宇 spring, she not only with 20 many ten thousand short letter support the rate becomes all person spirit king, enter the national and total finals empress but also has been overlording among states the person spirit 榜 head.But the tree is strong to recruit the breeze, click the " Lee 宇 spring" on the network, the numerous a son inside do not lack the breeze that catch the hearsay catches the 影 .She is a what kind of person after all, ising to revolt, alternative young girl?Go on stage still can send forth the " star" of the magic power?Yesterday, the reporter gathered news her the circumferential person.

Parents:She is a reasonable darling since the childhood woman

Lee the 宇 spring parents all loves to sing, so hour of 宇 spring 3 years old of Lee can sing and jump the earth's surface plays the winter of 《 in of a fire 》 .High three Lee the 宇 spring used a 月突击训练 only, 就被川音录 ?Father Lee reveals, at super woman all total finals empress, sent the daughter four words:The honor versus dishonor is not surprised," arrive after growing the sand game, appeared the news of not a few startling statement creates a sensations on the net, her mother still fears at that time she can not stand, having never thought she turn over to comfort we say, if each hearsay cares with clarify, would be very tired.I feel that my daughter is already to attain the honor versus dishonor not surprised."Mother Lee then says that have always been to all request the daughter with the standard of the fair lady, chopsticks are not in dish the confusion turns over, smile to do not grin.Lee the 宇 spring is reasonable since the childhood, docile, full of sympathy, is a parents darling in the eye woman.

Alumni:She is a name in the school person

Lee the senior high school of the 宇 spring lives in newly all first degree over.Yesterday, spoke of the Lee the 宇 spring, had ever read the 凌玲 of that school to say excitedly:"!That time, school a lot of classmates keeps her photograph, walking the on the road, seeing her and then let her signing."The 凌玲 says, Lee 宇 spring is at school the reputation is very big, she attended the big match in singer in two campus, singing on stage once the 《 ten million time ask the 》 , the once attire in inside mountain packs to sing the Chinese 》 in《 , getting hold of the first twice and all.

Pass examination Szechwan music college empress, Lee 宇 spring is at school the hall opened a singing performance_—That day, the hall explodes full, the numerous fluorescence stick throws face satge, Lee the 宇 spring classmate still sprays to on the stage excitedly the 彩 takes, spreading a cover ground of, very noisy.Lee the 宇 spring likes like the song of the Sun 燕姿 very much at that time, singing the green light in《》 wait more than ten songs, and also new all a first student in inside history who open the singing performance.

Teacher:She is a gentle and quiet and shy girl

The fascinating singing of the 宇 spring in Lee make her " corn" army corps more and more mighty at the same time, also ask for to come to some difficult to express hearsay however.To the some way of speaking in net, Lee 宇 spring at Szechwan the music college is popular to sing on stage the professional teacher the remaining 政仪 says:" Lee the 宇 spring tests into the school from the 2000, I have been having a class her, sometimes one by one, sometimes a rightness of two and a rightnesses of four, the teacher is very near with student's distance, I understand with the quality of 潜 very to her living habit, profession character.The gifted qualities in spring in宇 in Lee hases no the second person to have, she is affirmative to will come out, but I have never thought so quickly.She like the neutral foppery, may cause suspect, but the hearsay on the network can letter?The person became famous to want to is talked about by all means."Remaining the teacher says, Lee the 宇 spring is a gentle and quiet and shy girl, communicating with person not is her strong item, a lot of time wants the teacher active to ask, she would say the some affair.Hoping her ignores the hearsay, liking to prepare to compete.


It was the first day of our winter holiday. All of us were very happy. Why? Because we have one months to do things we love to do. We are free. Although we have some homework. we can finish them in several days. And the rest time we can make good use of. My god! We have been very tired after hard studying. In winter holidays, I want to have full sleep and eat good food in order to replenish myself.Last but not least, I will have a good rest.

It was the second day of our winter holiday. I felt good. I felt I’m free. I had a lot of time to do things I like. My parents are in Beijing. So I live alone but I don’t feel lonely. But I didn’t do something special. I stayed at home and watched TV. Oh! I wrote an English daily composition. It was my homework. Today, I have slept for 14 hours. I thought I was very tired. It is time for dinner. I must go! I am very hungry.

It was the third day of our winter holiday. Today, there are many business in my mother’s company. So my mother told me to help my uncle who is the manager of my mother’s company. I sat in my mother’s office and help her answer the telephone. While I was free, I was writing my homework. Although I also have a lot of time to do my homework, I still do it. Because in my mother’s office, I had nothing to do. If I did nothing, I was wasting my time and my life. I can’t do the foolish thing. We should take good use of our time.

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